Voter Registration in a Box

  • January 1, 2019

Voting is the foundation of engaging in our community. More than social media comments or even calling your legislators, voting is the way for Tennesseans’ voices to be heard. For DRT, facilitating voting access is integral to ensuring Tennesseans’ with disabilities have freedom from harm, freedom from discrimination, and freedom to participate in the community. We are grateful to partner with you to increase voter registration in the disability community.

DRT has compiled the following supplementary digital materials for the Voter Registration in a Box. If you have not yet requested a Voter Registration in a Box and would like one, please contact If you already have a Voter Registration in a Box, please feel free to download and print the information below for your voter registration events.


This can be used in additional event signage, on event webpages, in promotional emails or social media posts. 


Event Directional Signs

These branded event directional signs can be printed and hung as necessary at event sites to guide people to your location. A Left Arrow Directional Sign and a Right Arrow Directional Sign are available. 

Left Arrow Directional Sign

Right Arrown Directional Sign

Event Fliers

The PDF event flier can be printed and specific event information can be fillied in by hand. The Microsoft (MS) Word event flier is editable, so information can be typed in. Be aware that some of the formatting may look different between computers. You may have to make small changes in the document to adjust it for your use. Once edited, these can be printed for additional event promotion. 

PDF event flier

MS Word event flier

Voting Photos

These photos are either the property of DRT or available to the public for reuse. These can be used on event webpages, in promotional emails, or social media posts.

Man using a Head wand to vote

Tennessee State Capitol

Understanding Your Right to Vote

50 of these fliers are included in your Voter Registration in a Box. If you would like more, you can download and print these from following link. 

Understanding Your Right to Vote fliers

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