Celebrate Brain Injury Month at the 31st Annual Brain Injury Conference

February 18, 2020


March 20, 2020
9:30 am – 2:30 pm CST
Nashville, TN

Presented by Brain Injury Association of Tennessee

March is brain injury month and there is no better way to bring awareness and learn more about brain injury than by attending the 31st Annual Brain Injury Conference in Nashville. And it’s completely free!

The Brain Injury Association of Tennessee’s (BIAT) annual conference has been a staple of the organization since its inauguration day. The conference primarily included caregivers as the attendees of focus. In 2014, the BIAT Board of Directors brought in new executive leadership to take the organization and the annual conference in a different direction, including not only caregivers, but a broader range of attendees including, families and friends of those with a brain injury, students, educators, coaches and those in the military. Successful conferences followed, reaching an untapped audience that was larger and more diverse. 
As BIAT moves into 2020 with gusto and a new clinically trained Executive Director, the plan is to continue including all of those connected to brain injury with the annual conference, whether they be caregivers, coaches, friends, military veterans, athletic directors, and as always, those with a brain injury themselves. With a greater focus on prevention, BIAT also plans to do due diligence to educate the public on prevention, along with post-injury education and resources, all of which will be part of the 2020 annual conference.

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