Thanks to the ADA – David’s Story

July 2, 2020

There is nothing more fun than going to your favorite restaurant for a treat. However, many people with disabilities have faced barriers accessing businesses like restaurants.

David is a young child with autism and cerebral palsy. David just wanted to go to his favorite fast-food restaurant, but there was nowhere to park. The restaurant only had one accessible parking space and they let an employee park in it. David was so disappointed, and it just didn’t seem fair, so his family reached out to Disability Rights Tennessee (DRT) for help. 

Under the ADA, businesses are required to have accessible parking for people with mobility disabilities. DRT worked with the restaurant’s manager to make changes to their parking. They changed their parking lot to have two additional parking spaces for people with disabilities, including one that would be accessible to a van. Thanks to the ADA, all kids and adults with disabilities can park and go into the restaurant to enjoy their favorite food. 

Image description: David stands smiling in his sunny back yard.