Thanks to the ADA – Natasha’s story

July 2, 2020

Going to the doctor is important. But sometimes visits to the doctor are not easy. 

Natasha needed to know about the results of some health tests. Because she is deaf, Natasha asked her doctor’s office for a sign language interpreter to help her communicate with her doctor. However, the staff told her that she would have to pay for an interpreter by herself. 

The ADA helps people who are deaf by making it easy for them to access services they need. This means doctors’ offices must provide interpreters to deaf people free of charge. This is so they can have effective communication about their health care.   

Thanks to the ADA, the doctor’s office was required to help Natasha by providing a sign language interpreter at no cost. Solving Natasha’s problem helped other deaf people as well. Employees who work at that office are now taught to know how to get interpreters for other deaf patients. Now, Natasha’s doctor’s office helps all deaf patients the same way it helps Natasha.

Image description: A woman sits in a hospital bed speaking to her doctor through a sign language interpreter.