Thanks to the ADA – Ryan’s Story

July 2, 2020

Ryan nearly left his job of 3 years, because his manager was harassing him due to his disability. His manager would yell, mock, and intimidate him. His manager also ridiculed his request for full time hours. Ryan often went home feeling belittled and deflated. 

After the harassment continued for months, Ryan asked his mother for help. Together, they tried to resolve the issue with his manager. They were unsuccessful and reached out to DRT for support.

The unequal treatment Ryan received and disability-related harassment violated his rights. Title 1 of the ADA protects the rights of people with disabilities in their workplace. DRT was able to contact his employer’s corporate office. They investigated Ryan’s complaint. As a result, the manager was terminated and a new manager was hired. Ryan was also increased to full-time employment.  

Ryan no longer dreads going to work. Thanks to the ADA, Ryan and all people with disabilities are able to receive equal treatment in the workplace.  

Image description: A young man wears headphones and reads a newspaper while sitting at a desk.