• Implementing ABLE: 2016 – A training from NDRN about the ABLE Act.
  • COVID-19 Information & Resources – DRT’s curated COVID-19 information and resources for people with disabilities.
  • DRT Client Story: Kevin – Kevin needed medical care while at daycare, but they were orriogionally hesitant to provide him the support he needed.
  • DRT Client Story: Stephanie – Stephanie was a patient at a higher risk for breast cancer. However, on the day of her appointment, the staff at the imaging center informed her they would not lift her onto the table for the diagnostic procedure.
  • DRT Client Story: Natasha – Natasha needed a sign language interpreter to communicate with her doctor. However, the staff told her that she would have to pay for an interpreter by herself.
  • DRT Client Story: Sarah – When Sarah sought mental health treatment the facility would not allow her service animal Hugo to accompany her. However, without Hugo’s support, Sarah was not able to fully participate in her treatment at the facility.
  • DRT Client Story: Hank – Hank is a veteran with a trained service dog. When Hank tried to make a medical appointment, the provider thought that he had to show his dog’s “papers” before accessing its facilities. Hank was concerned he wouldn’t be able to access his necessary medical appointments.
  • DRT Client Story: James – James is a single dad who is deaf. When he went into cardiac arrest, the hospital did not provide him an interpreter. He was shut out and isolated, unsure of what would happen next.

Helpful Links



  • Katie Beckett Program – program for children under the age of 18 with disabilities or complex medical needs who are not Medicaid eligible because of their parent’s income or assets. This program has two parts, A and B, and will provide services and/or help pay for medical care that private insurance does not cover.
  • Behavior Supports – A hub of resources developed by the Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities to support the mental health and wellbeing of Tennesseans with developmental disabilities and their supporters.
  • TennCare: Appeals – Information and forms from TennCare to carry out the TennCare medical appeal process.
  • TennCare Service Appeal Guidance – Information from the TN Justice Center about the TennCare Appeal Process.
  • TennCare CHOICES  CHOICES program and application information.
  • TennCare Kids  The TennCare program for children.
  • Kid Central TN  Information about health and education services in Tennessee.
  • The Advocate’s Guide to the Medicaid Program – The National Health Law Programs guide to Medicaid.
  • Tennessee Disability Pathfinder – A statewide clearinghouse of disability-related resources and multilingual helpline with information about health care services.
  • HELP4TN (Legal Information for Tennesseans)   Online legal information and self-help
  • Pediatric-to-Adult Transition Toolkits – American College of Physicians’ (ACP) condition-specific toolkits to facilitate more effective transition and transfer of young adults into health care settings.