• Traveling by air with service animals: What do the new DOT rules mean for me – Summary of the new DOT regulations about flying with service animals and emotional support animals.
  • Service Animals Information Card 
  • Unleashing the Facts About Service Animals and the ADA – Article with information about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and service animals.
  • Service Dogs in Schools: Achieving Systemic Change One County at a Time  Article summarizing the laws about service animals in school settings.
  • Brayden and Luke: Service Animals in School Over the past years DRT has been involved in several cases involving schools and access for service animals. One client and his service animal particularly touched our hearts. DRT intern Brian Keller shares Brayden and Luke’s story.
  • Air Travel with Service Animal  The ADA Network’s Guidance concerning service animals in air transportation.
  • DRT Client Story: Greg – For the majority of his life Greg Burt has been a protector, both in his military service and as a firefighter and emergency medical technician for the City of Murfreesboro. When Greg learned that he was experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), he found great support from a service animal.
  • DRT Client Story: Sarah – Sarah has a unique bond with her service animal, Hugo. When an inpatient treatment center wouldn’t allow Hugo in it looked like Sarah would be prevented from getting the care she needed.
  • DRT Client Story: Hank – Hank is a veteran with a trained service dog. When Hank tried to make a medical appointment, the provider thought that he had to show his dog’s “papers” before accessing its facilities. Hank was concerned he wouldn’t be able to access his necessary medical appointments.
  • DRT Client Story: Sarah – When Sarah sought mental health treatment the facility would not allow her service animal Hugo to accompany her. However, without Hugo’s support, Sarah was not able to fully participate in her treatment at the facility.
  • DRT Client Story: Brayden – Brayden needed his diabetic service animal Luke in school with him to be safe. However, the school didn’t immediately understand their legal obligations to allow service animals in the classroom.

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